Thursday, November 17, 2011


Our trimester-long study of Economics has ended. We appreciate all of your thoughtful posts and comments; please check-in with us again next fall!!Meantime, I've selected a post-of-the-month for November from Emily L:

A Boost of Energy

Energy drinks have recently become very popular among today’s society. Although they have become popular, two National League ballparks have attempted to cut off players from having this energy drink or “boost”. The Arizona Diamondbacks and the Houston Astros have decided to not provide energy drinks at their clubhouse for the health of their players. They fear that it’s very bad for the players and could result in something dangerous. As stated in the article, the pitcher for the Houston Astros, Wesley Wright ended up in the emergency room in 2009 because of dehydration and having a few energy drinks before the game. Because of incidents like these, these two ballparks are trying to have their players make trade-offs by choosing other alternatives and not providing it at their clubhouses. Although they can’t stop the players from drinking the energy drink, they’re hoping players will decide to think at the margin when making the decision to keep drinking energy drinks. The marginal costs could lead to something bad for the health of the individual player, while the marginal benefit could be something good such as actually giving them the boost of energy that they need to play with.