Thursday, September 1, 2011

Featured Post of the Week (4/15)

H&M Store Openings Worldwide
by Kate M.

Shopping in Dallas, as well as many other locations around the world, is about to change. In a difficult economic time sticker shock has been a common reaction to clothing prices. As people are more sensitive and conscious about how they spend their money it is likely that expensive clothes is not on many lists of inelastic goods. However, it is common nature for one to want to look presentable and while girls do love to shop they don’t want to sacrifice their style for the unstylish, yet cheaper, substitutes. Therefore it becomes frustrating when prices push desirable clothes too far out of reach. The continuous expansion of H&M openings worldwide will allow shoppers access to the clothes they want without having to break the bank and allow stylish clothes to be within reach. As a result of H&M’s lower prices they are likely to receive more business because they are offering great merchandise at a lower cost, which is the consumer’s ultimate goal. North park, the future home of the newest H&M store, is likely to make a great profit off of the new addition. The combination of tough economic times and North park’s more typical high-end stores can only result in an outcome of slow business. H&M’s quality merchandise at lower prices should help to bring customers back to the mall and begin to liven the shopping experience again.