Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Featured Post of the Week (4/6)

Royal Diet Pains
by Alexis R.

Dr. Atkins – French style? Yet another hard to follow diet fad has swept the royal wedding stalkers and is spreading. It is called the Dukan diet after Dr. Pierre Dukan of France. There are four phases that have strict allowances on what you can eat and when making the diet even more hard and expensive. Phase one sets the base for the diet in which only lean protein is allowed, in later phases grains, veggies and desserts are tempered back into daily eating plans. Warnings of nutritional hazards come with any extreme diet but the Dukan diet can also take a toll on your wallet. Changing your lifestyle so suddenly means that you have to buy all new groceries to fit your new eating schedule. It seems strange that people are willing to dramatically shift they way they live because they see one short-term success story from a celebrity. Instead of gradually changing your choices when it comes to food and exercise, people will willingly toss everything they know aside to jump on a new diet bandwagon. Today nobody seems to have the patience to work for the body they want, but if the mother of Kate Middleton can lose four pounds in four days then so can the rest of the world…or can they? People ignore the process of weighing the costs and benefits of dieting and the potential outcomes but they look at the short term results and even if they fail they can check another popular diet off their list. Bodies don’t change overnight or through phases, they change through daily choices that we make to better ourselves.